I love you, little man!

Rolo Tony

KP & Envyi - Swing My Way

Each day men sell little pieces of themselves in order to try to buy them back each night and week end.
— C. Wright Mills
They don’t know what the laws are—they don’t know what the facts are—they don’t know what we’ve been doing or what we’re trying to do. You can’t talk to them the way you can talk to Martin Luther King or Roy Wilkins. They didn’t want to talk that way. It was all emotion, hysteria—they stood up and orated—they cursed—some of them wept and left the room.

-Robert F Kennedy in response to meeting with black cultural leaders

(what a dismissive asshole)

She saw a better life than how she entered the world and made life better for those who knew her. She was loved intensely and loved intensely in return.

She will always be remembered.

Tim Clark (a fellow LEGO builder)

Tim posted a memorial to his dog Tippi who passed away in June. This beautiful closing quote sums up so well my relationships with Iera and Gizmo and brought me to tears.

Giraffes? Giraffes! - Koscinski’s Requiem For A Golden Chariot

Fucking incredible.

part 1 of our recent adventure

My baby girl, ridin derpy.

I’m so pleased with how well my plants have been growing!

I’m so pleased with how well my plants have been growing!

cemetery times

Kiki does one of my favorite tricks ever. If you say, “Where’s Kiki?!” she runs behind you and pops her head between your legs and looks up at you. It gets me every time!